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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my event with Omnivent Inc.?

We start with an e-mail from out contact page, Wedding Wire, The Knot or if you have worked with us already! We gather as much information about you event and send out an estimate. The estimate is informational only and changes are mainly done on there.


If the estimate is completed and agreed upon, we convert to an invoice. Our invoice is our contract, schedule holder and agreement to your event. Some changes maybe done on the invoice; guest counts, or color changes, etc. To secure the date and our services/rentals, Omnivent requires a deposit to be made in advance. 

What type of payments do you accept?

We require 40%-50% of the invoice. We do have a “pay as you go” option. If you need that route, please let us know. 


Venmo: Omnivent-Inc 7077


Check: Omnivent Inc 4 Cobblestone Drive, Easton Pa 18045

Credit Card: Amount +3.85% processing fee; form is sent

Cash; Drop off at the office during business hours


Please include your invoice number and confirm which payment option you would like to use.

What happens if I need to cancel or change my date?

Please tell us immediately as we can do a few things to help you out!


Lets start with cancellations. We do not prefer to cancel an event that has made a deposit. Our deposit is non-refundable and it is part of our terms when signing our invoice. 

We recommend is a transference of goods or services. Here's what that means: we will take the balance of your invoice and apply to another event that may happen later or we can create a custom piece that would be part of your event.


Changing your date: Thanks to COVID, we all had to make changes and sacrifices in all aspects of our lives! Omnivent will honor a date change pending that the schedule is not booked up. We do not charge a fee to reschedule. Again, please contact us right away. 

Do I need worry about scheduling labor & delivery?

Usually Omnivent Inc. schedules with the venue when we can come in to the space to install and when to pick up. 

Only time we would need to schedule with you is if we were providing services/rentals at a private location.

If I have the appropriate sized vehicle, can I pick up an order?

Yes, once you have signed our equipment release form, invoice & terms, our team members can help you secure the rentals in your vehicle. 

Pick ups are best on Thursdays and returns on Mondays. Please call ahead to make sure a team member is at our warehouse to meet you and to inspect rentals. 

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