Send us a picture! We have an extensive library of faux floral and can likely match your inspiration.


Put us in contact with your florist! Many times we provide the framework for a floral piece, such as a boxwood wall, an ivy covered hoop, or a eucalyptus table runner, then the florist can come in and add the finishing details.  We are also a florists #1 choice when in comes to complicated/heavy floral hangings, structures, and custom pergolas.


2021 has seen a major shortage in the supply chain of fresh floral.  Prices are double and sometimes triple right now.

Also, some customers are choosing faux floral as a way of reducing the amount of packaging and pollution that comes with the delivery of fresh floral.

Mixing faux floral in with real floral can also help keep your budget in check, especially when you need a lot of greenery.

Our Faux Floral Ring Hung in a Tent

Simple Palms and Leaves for a Tropical Theme

Boxwood Wall with Faux Floral

Pink/Ivory Freestanding Rose Wall

Triple Free Standing Rings with Chandeliers

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