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Photobooth, props, prints and a photo booth attendant for 4 hours.


Why choose our Mojo Photobooth?


Fit More People!

Less waiting time, More PARTY Time. The booth can fit 10 or more people inside!  Lines go much faster with the Mojo Booth because more guests can fit into each photo session. You don't have to make tough choices when deciding who to take your picture with, entire families and groups of friends can fit inside the booth to make great memories.


More Fun Inside!

Most photo booths are boring on the inside.  Some look like suitcases with holes cut out for a camera.  Some booths have an attendant inside the booth with your guests as they take pictures, the Mojo Booth is private. The inside of the Mojo Booth features a color changing LED Light show that keeps guests entertained as they watch the 22' monitor striking the perfect pose during their photo shoot.


Classy Prop Box

We offer free basic classy prop box for all events.  Our props are original and selected to add fun to your photos.  We also have a VIP Prop Box upgrade that features more props and more delicate items than included in our initial package.


Customer Experience

Mojo Memory attendants are trained to maximize the customer experience.  From your first contact to accessing the online gallery after your event, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our staff is professional and courteous, we arrive to every event in appropriate attire and ready to help your guest enjoy the photo booth experience.

More Than Just Photos!

With the new social media booth the options are endless! Photo booths are no longer limited to just still pictures. Mojo booths now offers a new social media booth that allows users to take more than just still pictures and share them through social media. Directly from the booth the photos or GIFs (etc.) can be shared online!  

Photobooth - 4 Hours

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