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There's lots to choose from, take your time and explore.



Add light and style to your room.  Hung from a beam, ceiling, tree, or Omni's custom hardware, chandeliers are a possibility no matter your location.

Glass Crystal Chandelier

10 - Light

Glass Crystal Chandelier

5 - Light

Tall Crystal Chandelier

Comes in 4, 7, 10ft.

Shown with LED Lighting

Small Crystal Chandelier

3 ft tall

Black Iron Chandelier

Edison Bulb Chandelier

Floral Hoops

A striking new trend in weddings, this freestanding piece provides a natural frame for every photo at your event.  Our hoop comes comes fully decorated with faux greenery, Omni or your florist can add in accent flowers to complete the look.

Lamps & Lanterns

Good for centerpieces, lining the aisle, or hung in the air.  Flameless candles are available for all our lanterns.

Iron Lantern

Available in 22" and 13"

White Crystal Lantern

6" Tall

Cocktail Lamp

Base comes in Clear and Black

Shade comes in White and Black


A classic decoration.  Candelabras have an optional topper for attaching flowers from your florist.  LED Taper candles are available.

Gold Candelabra

Silver Candelabra

Tall Silver Candelabra

Comes in 4, 4.5, 5ft tall sizes

Gold Crystal Beaded Candle Holder, comes in 12" & 9"

Pergolas / Chuppahs


Wood Pergola

Comes in Black or Dark Wood

Drape Included in Color of your choice

Iron Pergola

A Smaller Pergola best for indoor use. 

6 ft Tall

Hoop Pergola 

6 ft wide hoop is great for sweetheart tables, also comes in 11 ft size, big enough for ceremonies.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 3.23.49 PM.png

Drape Chuppah

Big Decor


Decor Ladder

Hangs from ceiling beams, shown with optional floral and edison bulbs.

Spandex Arch

Comes in White or Black Fabric.

8ft tall.

Drape Column

Free standing, adjustable from 7' to 16' Tall

Spandex Wall

Opaque fabric great for projections.

Whimsical-Summer-Wedding-at-Bear-Creek-Mountain-Resort- BXW_edited.jpg


Sizes 1 to 3 foot.  Comes in off white, may be painted upon request.

Boxwood Wall
10-12ft tall, comes in 5ft wide sections.

Parasol Pillar

A freestanding wall of parasols.

Wunder Walls

A freestanding wall that can be decorated with anything!  Shown with our floral trellis and VonFurstenburg Knot.


Brick Wall

3ft High, 5ft Wide, White

Floral Walls

Come in Stackable 30" x 40" Sections

Other Decor


Glass Cylinder Vase

Greek Vase - 42" Tall

24" Shepherd's Hook

60" Shepherd's Hook

Red Carpet & Stanchions

Bird Cage

12" Acrylic Stand


Boxwood Ball

Gold Cake Stands.png
Gold Cake Stand R 10_Dx8_H.png

Gold Cake Stands

10" Round 8" H Cake Stand


Gold Metal Easel

Sequin Pillows.jpg

Sequin Pillows

Greek Statue.jpg

3ft Greek Statue

Manzanita Centerpieces


Steamer Trunks


Palm Trees

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